Second plenary meeting: the Network already has new members

On May 13th 2019, the Azorean Museums and Visitable Collections Network Plenary met at Vila Franca do Campo Municipal Museum, in São Miguel island.

There were several topics addressed, of which stand out the presentation of the Network internet website and the admission of new members, on a proposal by the Executive Board.

The following Museums were accepted:

Vila Franca do Campo Municipal Museum

Azores Military Museum

Maia Tobacco Museum

Porto Pim Whale Factory Museum

The following Visitable Collections were accepted:

Hélio Costa – Terceira Island Carnival Museum

Horse Mill House – Emigration Memories

Machado Fagundes Volcanic-Speleological Museum


In the next two years there will be scope for some improvement and refinement, but the new members can henceforth benefit from the support of the Network structure as well as the help from other members and they’ll be called upon to participate in the next collective exhibitions. From now on, the Network consists of 13 Museums and 3 Visitable Collections.

Author: AMVCN

Photos: Ribeira Grande City Hall