Woolen Quilts | Flores Museum


– a showroom of the manifold culture and identity of the islands and the archipelago;

– a window upon the world that surrounds, engages and explains us, interacting with us;

– a cluster of collections set up as a cultural resource available for people (either residents or visitors);

– an organized sytem of interinstitutional and communal cooperation, where peers share their concerns and interest in safeguarding and treasuring cultural assets;

– a space that enables an insight into current and past moments of the livingness of each island as a contributor to reality and unity within diversity;

– an organized memory of communities, yearnings, experiences and tastes;

– a set of spaces providing non-formal education and cultural transmission;

– a place to share knowledge, experiences, curiosity and inspiration.


Perceives the Azores as a multipolar space, embodying a culture of Atlantic calling, which includes several overseas, different returns and multiple connection and exchange strands, where each island, space or venue participates in the creation of a common identity, through all those shared connections, history and livingness;

Realizes that the cultural heritage of the Azorean islands is far too rich to, apart from the institutions traditionally linked to this, leave out all those who own and preserve relevant examples of cultural assets, even if not always aware of what they keep or the reasons why they appreciate them, understanding that their protection, management and inclusion into individual and collective everyday life should be promoted;

States that the Azores can only benefit from respecting the idiosyncrasy of each member and each territory, promoting internal cooperation, the qualification of practices, the visibility of actions, the valuation of resources, national and international connection and cooperation of organizations, entities and institutions that develop their activity within the domains of tangible and intangible heritage.

(adopted in Plenary by the AMVCN, on June 1st 2018, at the Wine Museum from Brum Farm House, at Biscoitos)

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