Who we are


The Azorean Museums and Visitable Collections Network is an organized system, based upon voluntary membership, designed to progress gradually, and aiming at decentralizing, mediating, qualifying and increasing the cooperation among museums.


The goals of the Azorean Museums and Visitable Collections Network are:

a) to value Azorean movable heritage as a resource within the domains of identity, culture and technology;

b) to appreciate and qualify museological reality in the Azorean Autonomous Region;

c) to promote institucional cooperation and connection among museums;

d) to optimize and share resources;

e) to plan and streamline investments in museums;

f) to qualify and spread information concerning museums;

g) to promote accuracy and professionalism in museological practices and museographic techniques;

h) to encourage innovative partnerships that contribute to foster and assert regional culture;

i) to increase cooperation between museums and entities holding visitable collections.