Santa Maria Museum

To perceive the pioneer spirit of life, survival and change in the first and oldest Island

From geology to settlement, from geography to history, Santa Maria was “the first Island”, in many respects. The different museum branches aim at raising awareness of that pioneer spirit, stemming from the survival of mainland Portuguese arriving at a completely new environment, where everything or almost everything had to be invented. A land touched by Columbus, returning from his first journey, in 1492; stricken by North African pirates, seeking for slaves and ransoms; home to the first settled Franciscans, before moving ahead to other islands; provider of the quality clay that enabled a famous industry in the archipelago; zealous of the noble titles of the first families; first exit to emigration by air, when the great airport, built in the midst of the Second World War, became a support platform for intercontinental transatlantic navigation.

Santa Maria Museum branches: Espírito Santo Building and Vila do Porto Branch.

Pharmaceutical Measurement Instruments
Talhão (reservoir)
Wooden Bowl
Holy Water Sink

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