Azores Military Museum

To preserve and promote an historical legacy built up over the centuries and existing since the Foundation of Portuguese Nationality

Military history, being constantly present in combats and battles, either offensive or defensive, fought by the Portuguese in the conquest, defense or preservation of national territory is closely related to national history. By collecting, studying, preserving and displaying historical and military evidences from a regional perspective, the Azores Military Museum aims at strengthening collective memory and identity, as well as contributing to the development of citizenship values.

The Azores Military Museum enables the visitor to go through a wide range of movable military heritage and presents a reflection on some of the most striking events of Portuguese military history, such as the First World War or the Ultramar War. Here the visitor can also enjoy outdoor areas which, as a result of earthwork, now provide views over Ponta Delgada, that were formerly unavailable.

Installed at São Brás fortress, an historical building ranked as a public interest monument, the Azores Military Museum also provides the visitor the enjoyment of this jewel of Renaissance military architecture, the first example of bulwark construction in 3600 degrees in Portugal and one of the first in Europe. Built during the second half of the 16th century, it has continuously undertaken military functions since then. Over the centuries, this fortress has played a decisive role defending the population, virtually accompanying the whole history of Ponta Delgada and the Azores, as well as serving as symbol and example of the resilient and struggle capacities of Portuguese people.

Azores Military Museum branches: São Brás Fortress, Ponta Delgada.

Exhibition Room
Exhibition Room
Field Water Filter
Field Cauldron
Field Shower
Field Kitchen, Model 1963

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São Brás Fortress
Avenida Infante Dom Henrique (Avenue)
9500-150 Ponta Delgada

The Azores Military Museum is located at the heart of the historical center of Ponta Delgada, near the port, and is easily accessible for anyone coming either on foot or by transport.

In this Museum, historical and military heritage is preserved and displayed, thus promoting cultural values associated with military history.
This Museum currently incorporates three main resources: the fortress-monument where it is installed, its historical archive and its collections. These can be visited in two long-term exhibition rooms, in nine thematic areas and in one room devoted to temporary exhibitions.
The Military Museum collections include a vast array of pieces, ranging from light and heavy weaponry, to military uniforms, equipment, vehicles, communication systems, among others.
Guided tours are available through booking in advance.

The Museum is open to the public from Mondays to Sundays, from 10:00am to 6:00pm, except for holidays.

There are parking lots nearby the fortress.
The Museum provides information both in Portuguese and English.

Tel. 296 308 634