Horta Museum

To understand how ideas and peoples can be connected, following the universal calling of communication

At Horta Museum branches the visitor can come into contact with artistic testimonials of different origins, as well as the history of an Island that was the destination point of Flemish settlers and port of call of American whaleboats; with the skillful beautiful collection of pieces made in the traditional and still living art of working the fig tree kernel; with an interesting variety of objects, equipments and spaces pertaining to the strategic centrality of Horta, within the framework of communications, namely in the 19th and 20th centuries, the golden age of underwater cables; with the memories of transatlantic flights, in PanAm Clippers, in the mid-20th century; or even with the personality of Manuel de Arriaga, the republican intellectual from Faial, who was elected the first President of the Portuguese Republic, on August 24, 1911.

Horta Museum branches: Jesuit College and Manuel de Arriaga House.

Manuel de Arriaga House
Jesuit School
Belém Tower
“Porro” Theodolite
U.S. Navy NC4 Sea Plane Model
Underwater Telegraphic Cable Shift Watch Test Set
Manuel de Arriaga Bust

Featured Parts

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