Graciosa Museum

To treasure the monumentality and the skill of water architecture, fundamental to nourish life in the islands

By architecture we mean all the efforts carried out by the population of an Island where rain is not abundant, whether through built heritage or portable objects, in order to surpass difficulties and ensure the support of such a crucial asset for life as water. If each Island is a prime example of survival and intelligence, Graciosa Museum is entrusted with showing how one skillfully triumphs over the difficulties and circumstances of the climate and milieu, enabling success in agriculture, developing a structured society as well as a diversified economy, creating both a rich religious livingness and elaborate entertainment forms. The Museum shows all this displaying objects that range from the most rural daily life to the most exquisite urban living, not forgetting the local features of wine production.

Graciosa Museum branches: Santa Cruz Building

Whaleboats Shack of Santa Cruz
Museum Façade
Dog Cart
Horse Mill
Holy Spirit Crown

Featured Parts

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Main building
Largo Conde de Simas (Square), 17
9880-345 Santa Cruz da Graciosa
Tel. (+351) 295 712 429
GPS Coordinates
Lat. 39.086328
Whaleboats Shack of Santa Cruz
Rua Pedro Roberto Dias da Silva (Street), 65
9880 Santa Cruz da Graciosa
Tel. (+351) 295 712 429
GPS coordinates
Lat. 39.087369

By car
If you arrive at the airport of Graciosa Island, distancing about 3 km from Graciosa Museum, you can follow the road signs to Santa Cruz village until its historical center, where the Museum main building is located.

By boat
If you arrive at Graciosa Island by boat, you may get off at Praia port and follow the road signs heading towards Santa Cruz by the eastern side. This is a 7 km route until the village historical center, where the Museum main building is located.

1 – Autonomous visits to the exhibitions
At the main building
A representative ethnographic collection has contributed to the setting up of several areas in the long-term exhibition, titled “Graciosa Island: A People’s Memory and Identity”. Embodying the mission of interpreting and explaining the Island, this exhibition highlights the relevance that agricultural activity, traditional crafts, water, religious worship and popular festivities held and still hold in the life of Graciosa people.

Throughout the year, the main building also presents temporary exhibitions. For the long-term exhibition an information leaflet is provided and the visit takes on average about 40 minutes.
At the Whaleboats Shack of Santa Cruz
It presents a long-term exhibition devoted to whaling in Graciosa, including a collection of tools that were once linked to whale hunting, among which the whaleboat Restinga, equipped with its respective gear is noteworthy.
The exhibition includes an information leaflet and the visit takes on average about 15 minutes.

2 – Guided tours
Guided tours must be booked in advance, through tel. 295 712429 or the e-mail

To participate you must present your entrance ticket and the guided tours take on average about 50 minutes.

The Museum is open to the public from Tuesdays to Sundays and holidays, from 9:30am to 5:00pm in winter (from October 1st to March 31st) and from 10:00am to 5:30pm in summer (from April 1st to September 30th).

In front of the Museum building there is free parking, namely for the disabled. There are also a shop, an auditorium, a garden, a library, as well as a space devoted to reading.

Graciosa Museum
Largo Conde de Simas (Square), 17
9880-345 Santa Cruz da Graciosa
Tel. (+351) 295 712 429