Angra do Heroísmo Museum

To understand the Atlantic crossroads, in the light of Angra, “universal port of call of the western sea”

The history and life of Terceira Island are defined by a strategic position that, even though shared with other Azorean islands, here became the axis of all development and economy. Included since 1983 in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the central area of Angra do Heroísmo attests to this. To visit Angra do Heroísmo Museum is to visit also, somehow, the history of the continents that border the Atlantic, as well as to gain a new outlook on the great conflicts that happened since the 15th century, the extensive novelties that arrived from afar, and the structural changes of the world we live in, whether economical, social, cultural or political, that have taken place until nowadays. Angra and the Island grew and evolved, aligned with that “breath of the World”, leaving material testimonials that range from art to technology, from weaponry to daily life, allowing us to question and revisit them. Incised decoration, from the so-called Golden Age (16th/17th centuries), present in export boxes and cabinets-on-stands for Europe; an enviable collection of weapons and military equipments; devotional sculpture, painting and numismatics; the discovery of the potential of the Island ground; Island life, almost from the beginning, transformed into a mainstay of transatlantic dynamics, are some of the themes here addressed.

Angra do Heroísmo Museum branches: São Francisco Convent and Manuel Coelho Baptista de Lima Military History Branch.

Christ Child
Schneider-Canet Artillery Piece 7,5cm, TR Mod.1904
Traquitana (or Sège)
As Meninas (Girls)

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