Stained glass

Author: unknown
Date: 1900-1903
Materials: teak wood, colored glass and lead
Dimensions: H. 95,5 x L. 78 x W. 6,6 cm
Origin: Slavonia liner
Reference: MFD 248
On display: Flores Museum
Notes: This stained glass comes from the Slavonia liner, which shipwrecked at the shallow area of Rasa, Lajedo, Lajes das Flores Municipality, on June, 10th 1909, after having left New York the week before. No life was lost.
The ship was travelling between Europe and the United States of America, taking passengers from European Southern countries, boarded in Trieste, to Ellis Island, at the basin of Hudson River, the entry point for emigration destined to that country, as well as carrying travellers coming into the European continent, in the return journey.
Built to serve in the Indies Route, it was oversized for such function, as it quickly became apparent. It was thus sold to Cunard Steam Ship Company Ltd. that took it to the shipyard and adapted it to the competitiveness of the North Atlantic. It was then used in the transportation of the substitute labor force that North American economy yearned for since the abolition of slavery.
After the wreckage, the ship remained on the water surface during all summer, which enabled the population to remove from there countless objects, ranging from simple cutlery to furniture and doors. Flores Museum holds on display a washbasin, a cupboard and a stained glass coming from the shipwreck.